Over thirty years of experience in the production of yarns have made our company a leader in the supply of recycled yarn in Italy and abroad.

For us, respect for the environment is the most important value.

We are committed to eliminating toxic substances from textile products and processes because the ecological value of a recycled product lies in the saving of virgin raw materials, the reduction of energy consumption, waste and the use of dyes and auxiliaries which, if present, are chemically safe.

Tradition, professionalism, quality and innovation

We love our work, and every day, we strive to improve our production by developing and refining techniques for the recycling of “rags”, textile waste and used clothing.

The excellence of Made in Italy: from Prato to the rest of the world.

We create, develop and produce in the Prato textile district, but we export our excellence all over the world.

Cardato Recycled: we use 100% second-life fibers.

3C Filati’s “Cardato Recycled” label requires at least 65% of the product to be made of recycled material, but the company exceeds this by using 100% second-life fibers. Recycled carded wool yarn is obtained through the process of tearing used clothing into recycled fibers, sorted by colour and type.
3C Filati is internationally recognized as the first company to supply 100% recycled carded yarn and this is a further guarantee of quality, efficiency and production capacity. [source: Next Technology Tecnotessile]

LORI GRS: traceability of the production process.

This certification ensures the recycled content of both intermediate and finished products, the maintenance of traceability throughout the production process, restrictions on the use of chemicals and compliance with environmental and social criteria at all stages of the production chain right up to the labelling of the finished product. We have a colour chart consisting of 105 variants (plain and mélange) always available for stock service.

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