Green company

Every year in Prato, 22 thousand tonnes of “rags” are recycled, which are processed using the carding technique.
The yarns are produced with the use of virgin fibers or obtained from the recycling of fabrics or knitwear scraps, both new and used.
The characteristic of this process is the use of short and non-homogeneous fibers, which are mixed together to create the most diverse compositions.

Our certificates and certifications

Life Cycle Assessment

Real and certified data demonstrating the sustainability of the entire production chain.

A rough calculation, based on these 22,000 tonnes compared with the equivalent of virgin fibre, leads to an estimated saving of:

60 million kilowatts of energy
500,000 cubic meters of water
650 tonnes of auxiliary chemicals
300 tonnes of dyes.

In addition, we prevent the release into the atmosphere of:
18,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

1,000 tonnes of sulphur dioxide.

Sources: LCA (Next Technology Tecnotessile) and Prato Chamber of Commerce