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Our mission is shared by companies, brands and stakeholders who have always been committed to issues related to environmental protection, the green economy and sustainable fashion. Let’s discover them:

Challenges and enabling factors for the Circular Economy:

case studies of the textile supply chain in Prato.
Thesis by Caterina Nesi


Prato: stories from the daily circular economy

by Aurora Magni


Regenerated wool

3C Filati and the tradition of the industrial district of Prato,
by Aurora Magni


Recycled wool:

The circular economy of 3C Filati,
by Arianna Pinton


“The Italy of recycling”



Innovative but environmentally friendly companies, a winning combination
Sustainable Development Award, the green economy made in Italy on the podium
Awards: the top companies of the green economy awarded at Ecomondo
Sustainable development award to 3C, Bonifica Venezia and Enel
Circular economy first prize for 3C Filati in Prato
Sustainable Development Award: here are the leading companies of the green economy
The circular economy in fashion

Thesis by Tania Cellini